City of Mirrors


This is a personal statement written for the Cass MA Show 2019 at London Metropolitan University, September 2019. It accompanies the gallery of the same name. ...more

Peter Fraser and the Spiny Creature


Untitled, from the monograph, Peter Fraser, Nazraeli Press, 2006, is, I think, one of the most fascinating of Peter Fraser’s images. ...more

William Scott and the Frying Pan


‘If the guitar was to Braque his Madonna, the frying pan could be my guitar’ ...more

KALEIDOSCOPE: Colour and Sequence in 1960s British Art, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, 24 February – 8 June 2018


KALEIDOSCOPE: Colour and Sequence in 1960s British Art looks at the radical changes that took place in British abstract art during the 1960s, with the use of industrial materials and vivid colour. It focuses especially on the growing cross-fertilization between painting and sculpture. ...more

Why Abstract? : Communicating with the Viewer


As an artist presenting your work to the world, you are asking people to look at it. So you have a responsibility to communicate something about the work to other people. ...more

Why Abstract?


I’ve been thinking about why I want to make abstract work based on the physical objects I’m interested in. What’s the rationale behind it? ...more